Secret War

This is Only the Beginning

Our first session was a list of scenarios that the PCs got to discuss and then one of them laid out the official resolution for each scenario. These scenarios covered everything the party did from level one to get to where they are now, level 11. Here is a brief overview of what was done at each level:

Level 1: Focusing their superior fighting skills on the Whack-a-kobold event, the party manages to win the Khorvaire Adventuring Challenge. Their prize includes money, fame, and a treasure map.

Level 2: The party heads into the forest west of Sharn to find their buried treasure. Along the way, they run into a highly-organized gnoll scouting party. After negotiations broke down and violence ensued, the gnolls were easily dispatched. Afterwards, the party tracked the scouting party to see where they came from and discovered that they were part of a larger army.

Level 3: With an army of gnolls on their heels, the party races to the nearby town of Ringbriar to begin evacuations. Using superior leadership skills, laying down traps, and harassing the enemy, they stall the gnolls long enough for everyone to escape the town.

Level 4: With Ringbriar ablaze, the party has to work carefully to make it to the next city, Moonwatch, while staying ahead of the invading gnolls. With clever guerilla tactics, they make it to safety and slow the army’s advance even more.

Level 5: After accepting an offer to become temporary agents of the Citadel, the party is tasked with making their way to Graywall, to see if there is further aggression from Droaam. Along the way, they discover a mass of refugees stranded outside the gates of Galethspyre, where the doors are mysteriously closed. The party chooses to split up, letting the goblin seeker, Marrakech, continue on to Graywall, where his monstrous heritage will help him blend in. The others sneak into Galethspyre to investigate what is going on.

Level 6: Having discovered that the knight-captain of Galethspyre was accepting bribes to ignore the kidnapping of several dragonmarked residents and then disposing of him, the party leaves to meet up with Marrakech. Meanwhile, Marrakech has discovered that the agent they were supposed to meet is missing, and that he was investigating the disappearance of several dragonmarked residents.

Level 7: The party tracks down the missing agent, Valdo, and finds him in a creepy old warehouse, where they fight some creepy thugs and rescue many of the kidnapped dragonmarks. With no other signs of hostility from Droaam, the party is ordered to take an airship back to Breland and drop behind enemy lines to scout the army as much as possible.

Level 8: Using stealth and ingenuity, the party captures a gnoll supply caravan and interrogates them to get the location of a base camp. They perform a daring raid on the base camp and capture a gnoll general, whom they also interrogate. They discover that the army planned to uncover and use the Juggernaut, an ancient weapon Droaam attempted to use to destroy Sharn with during the Last War.

Level 9: With the information gathered by the party, Breland decides to launch a massive counter-attack. The party is allowed to lead an airship armada as they bomb the gnoll army from the air. Thanks to extraordinary leadership skills, they decimate the invading army, with the only casualty being one damages airship that Strigonni bravely pilots in a kamikazee attack on the Juggernaut itself. Only because of his strange wings and quick reflexes does he manage to survive.

Level 10: The party investigates the ruins where the Juggernaut was uncovered and they find a creation forge was buried as well. Returning to Sharn as heroes, they are given great rewards and commendations. They are offered a full-time position as Dark Lanterns in the King’s Citadel, but they politely decline and instead decide to seek their fortune elsewhere.

Toward the Future!

Now that they have established themselves as heroes of Breland and gained wealth and influence, the party decides to seek more challenging adventures. They accept a commission to guard a caravan being sent to Xen’drik to investigate where they believe an ancient portal uncovered during the Gnoll Wars leads to. Taking an elemental powered galleon, the trip is mostly uneventful. However, when they reach the waters near Stormreach, they are confronted by sahuagin. When the captain of the ship attempts to bargain with the creatures, they attack! After dealing with a dozen or so boarders, the ship is rocked by an enormous crash. A kraken appears and tries to drag the ship under the sea, and the party with it. After a heroic fight, the party kills the kraken and frees the ship, with only one crew member having perished in the fight. They continue their journey in peace and arrive in Stormreach.


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